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In Cyber Breach: Confliction, your mission is to steal intel from a rampant race of mechanical spiders. Will you return home safely? Or will your fate lie in the hands of the mecha-arachnids?

*Note: This game is still in development, we apologize for any bugs you may encounter

Tutorial and controls coming soon:

A/Space: Jump

Hold A/Space (While in air and contacting wall): Wall run

LTrigger/RMB: Aim (Aim in air to activate slowmo)

RTrigger/LMB: Shoot

LS Click/Shift: Run

LBumper/Q: Open weapon select (Only pistol at the moment)

DPad/Scroll: Weapon select navigation


Kaleb Knoettgen

Reagan Grigsby

Zachary Sewell


Install instructions

Unzip and Run EXE


Cyber Breach Confliction.zip 982 MB

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